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Many of the stories on WBRC FOX6 News start as suggestions from our viewers. If you have a pitch for a story for our broadcast or website share it with us by completing the form below.

Please note, we get hundreds of submissions, so keep your idea brief and be sure to include the names and contact information that are important for the story.

While we cannot guarantee a response, we look forward to reading your idea and hopefully including it in our coverage.


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If you want to contact us anonymously:

There are dos and don’ts for whistleblowing. Here are some general guidelines to follow and ways to contact us.

  • Don’t visit our website at work.
  • Don’t email us from a work account or computer.
  • Don’t subscribe to our newsletter with your work email account.
  • Don’t tell anyone about your plans, and don’t use your work phone or email to contact us.
  • Protect your messages

The 6 On Your Side Investigates team uses an app called Signal to encrypt text message. This can prevent an outside observer from reading what you write to us. Download the Signal app here. You can message the team via Signal at 205-719-2136. Or, send us your Signal number through snail mail or via a friend. One of us will contact you discreetly.

If you really want to be anonymous when you contact us, the U.S. mail is a good way to go. A warrant would be needed to intercept and open it in transit.

Don’t use your company or agency mailroom to send something to us. Mail your package or envelope from a sidewalk box instead of going to a post office. You can mail us paper materials or digital files on, for example, a thumb drive.”

Our mailing address is:

1720 Valley View Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209

One thing to remember if you want us to pursue your story is that we will need to be able to contact you to verify what you’ve sent us. If you send us something in the mail, please include (inside the envelope) the manner in which you’d like us to reach you.

About OYS Investigates

6 On Your Side Investigates

To hold our government agencies and officials accountable, journalists need courageous people to share information. Stories need to be told about failures, corruption, and wrongdoing. But we need people who have knowledge of such things to be our guide.

To help those who have stories for us, and to help you provide the information discreetly, we have put together this short guide on who to contact in our newsroom and the best way to reach them.  We also provide tips for the most secure ways to transmit the information.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to sort through names and specialties, you have two options:

Email us at or include as many details as possible using the form below. 

Jenn Horton

Jennifer Horton
6 On Your Side Investigates Reporter

Jennifer Horton is an investigative reporter for WBRC FOX6 News, focusing on issues that directly impact viewers, the safety of their families and how their tax dollars are spent. Her reporting involves issues involving criminal justice, specifically crime, government corruption, and the state and federal court system. You can reach her via email at

Jonathan Hardison

Jonathan Hardison
Anchor/6 On Your Side Investigates Reporter

Jonathan Hardison reports on a variety of subjects, including problems with local utilities, our poor open records law, and tracking government spending on things like Coronavirus, education and more. Right now, he is working to answer your questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine. You can reach Jonathan via email at

Morgan Hightower

Morgan Hightower
Anchor/6 On Your Side Investigates Reporter

When she's not on the anchor desk. Morgan’s focus is covering the coronavirus pandemic. She’s also investigating racial disparities in Alabama, and focuses on stories protecting children, helping the elderly, and exposing scams. Morgan can be reached via email at or at 205-583-4389.

Josh Gauntt

Josh Gauntt
6 On Your Side Investigates Reporter

Josh Gauntt specializes in consumer issues and accountability. He has been seeking records on Birmingham’s Shotspotter system for years. He has also covered cemetery issues for many years and the lawmakers responsible for regulating them. You can reach Josh via email at or 205-327-5852.